• Florida State gunman sent packages to 8 friends, including one in Orlando


    ATLANTA - Channel 9 has learned eight friends of Florida State gunman Myron May are expecting a package from the man who opened fire at the university library.

    One of the packages was headed to Orlando and has already been intercepted by investigators.  The recipients are not aware of the package contents – they’ve been told to call police as soon as it arrives.

    May was armed with a .380 semi-automatic handgun when he shot three people, according to police. Investigators said May tried to get past security barriers before he was fatally shot by officers.

    While one central Florida student narrowly escaped injury after being shielded by his text books, two students and library worker Nathan Scott were struck by gunfire.

    Scott managed to warn others about the danger.

    "He was shot in the leg. I think he was just in shock," said witness Gabriele LaValle.

    Police said they have a journal and videos that indicate May believed the government had targeted him.

    Joe Paul, a friend of May, said May sent a message on Facebook asking for his address and told him the package had been mailed and should arrive Friday.

    “It clicked. I said, ‘Wait a minute, he sent a message to us all about a letter he was going to be sending us, or a package, to all of us to arrive Friday’. This is all connected,” Paul said.

    Paul attended Florida State with May and said the two reconnected while living in Houston.

    “People were a little afraid. Why did he choose us, that’s a lingering question. Why us?” Paul said.

    Paul said the seven other friends do not know each other and they are not aware of any link aside from their relationship with May.

    “Perhaps it’s an answer to why,” Paul said.

    WFTV also found out that May moved back to Florida and was living in a cabin at a children's non-profit organization.

    Police said he was in a "state of crisis."

    Those who knew him said he was having financial troubles as well.

    Paul described May as a calm, mild-mannered and friendly person.

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