• Expressway Authority: Toll-clogging foreign currency will be auctioned off


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - The Orange County Expressway Authority doesn't want your money -- that is, if it isn't recognized by the U.S. government.

    It happens on local toll roads all the time, the Expressway Authority said. Instead of paying, drivers dump all kinds of "funny money" into the change booths, like foreign money and tokens from Chuck E. Cheese, Fun Spot and a car wash.

    The Expressway Authority is about to auction off about 750 pounds of everything but U.S. coins to the highest bidder.

    Hundreds of bags lie behind safe doors because converting the foreign currency is not cost-effective. Banks won't take coins that are glued together that often jam the coin collectors.

    It causes trouble for Karen Graham, a driver, when she comes through the tolls because her money doesn't register.

    "And then you buzz going through there. I've gotten maybe $25 in tickets because of these things not working," Graham said.

    It's happened to driver Chris Langford so many times, he just pays with a transponder.

    "They can mess up the tolls for everyone else," he said with a laugh.

    The Expressway Authority said they send toll violations to the people who try to pay the toll with the wrong currency.

    If the driver is from out of town in a rental car, the rental car company is forced to pay the violation.

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