Expressway Authority's second option for executive director having second thoughts



ORLANDO, Fla. - The man who is the Expressway Authority's second pick for executive director told Channel 9 he's having second thoughts about taking the job after former state representative Steve Precourt rejected a revised month-to-month contract.

Now, Jorge Figueredo's change of heart could send the Expressway Authority scrambling again.

Figueredo spoke only with Channel 9's Kathi Belich on Monday, saying he's not sure he wants to get involved now.

"I don't know what I would do next month if they were to offer me the job," said Figueredo. "I'm not certain that they're going to go in that direction, but you know, it's a very challenging environment. At this point, I'm really not sure if that's the right opportunity for me."

Precourt turned down the $185,000 a year offer when it shifted to a month-to-month deal last week.

The board was reacting to State Attorney Jeff Ashton cautioning against changing leadership until his investigators find whether board members Scott  Batterson, Marco Pena and Florida Department of Transportation District Secretary Noranne Downs communicated secretly last year before they voted to force out interim director Max Crumit.

Mayor Teresa Jacobs said she understands Figueredo's second thoughts but hopes he can get past them if he's offered the job next month.

"I think that's a possibility but if you have, and you have, attended these last several meetings, it's been totally unpredictable," said Jacobs.

The board meets again on Feb. 26.

Jacobs said she believes at some point Gov. Rick Scott might want to replace some of the board members he's appointed.