FAA agents search for pilot believed to be suicidal



APOPKA, Fla. - The Federal Aviation Administration said it is searching for a local pilot who they believe is suicidal.

Detectives said 63-year-old Michael Sills threatened to crash his small plane into his girlfriend's home or into another building.

Investigators said they found Sills' car parked at the Orlando-Apopka Airport hanger on Tuesday, but his plane was missing.

Witness said he took off from the airport Tuesday night, but neither he nor his Piper aircraft has been seen since. The Piper aircraft has a range of 500 miles.

Investigators said his car  contained blood inside.

Sills girlfriend told WFTV she works in law enforcement and has been helping with the case. However, she said she wasn't made aware of the details released to the media, including the blood evidence in Sills' car.

The Joint Terrorism Task Force said the exhaust was hooked up to the car for a suicide attempt.

According to Sills' certification records, he was due for his FAA mandated medical exam in seven days.

Investigators think Sills may have landed at another airport or may already have crashed his plane.