• Bear cubs, mom relocated to Ocala after roaming Longwood neighborhood


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - A mother bear and her three cubs were trapped by wildlife officers Wednesday morning after roaming a Longwood neighborhood near State Road 434.

    Florida Fish and Wildlife officers put out a trap that was laced with sweets and pastries and were able to catch the family of bears late Tuesday night.

    "It's all weekend long," said resident Janell Vasquez. "They keep coming out and they're going in my yard playing around."

    Brian Paldin lives in the home where FWC set up the trap.

    "He came out in the middle of the day because it was on our property but he thought it was the best place to catch it," said Paldion of the FWC trapper.

    The idea was to trap the bear and her cubs, because families in the neighborhood said they felt trapped inside their own homes. Some neighbors said the animals didn't appear to be afraid of humans.

    "They've chased my son into the house. They've chased my 16-year-old daughter," Vasquez said.

    Prior to being trapped, the bears came down from a tree and were roaming just 30 feet from onlookers.

    It took several hours for FWC officials to tranquilize and get the mother into a separate cage.

    The bears have since been relocated to Ocala, officials said.

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