Family heirlooms stolen from classic car lot



LONGWOOD, Fla. - A desperate classic car owner contacted WFTV for help after someone took off with family heirlooms worth thousands of dollars.

Andy Sparacia's 1970 Chevelle and 1923 T-Bucket were taken from the parking lot of an auto body shop in Longwood.

"Nobody drove that car but my grandmother. It's very sentimental to my family," said Sparacia.

The Chevelle was the last gift from Sparacia's grandfather to his grandmother before he died.

Sparacia inherited the car to fix up, and he planned to keep in the family.

"That's what my intentions were. I would never sell the car for any amount of money. To me, the car is priceless," said Sparacia.

Police said someone hot-wired the trailer on Christmas Day and took it and the T-Bucket from the lot of American Classics Auto Body and Paint in Longwood.

"To have somebody just take these cars from them, it not only hurts them, but it hurts me. It's personal," said Steve Rubino of American Classics Auto Paint and Design.

To get inside the trailer, they had to break through two padlocks. The thieves were not able to do that without getting their fingerprints all over the outside, authorities said.

That's not the only evidence. Sparacia said the T-Bucket is very recognizable, and was used in the production of "Grease" on stage with Joey Fatone.

Longwood police are also working to recover surveillance from nearby businesses.

The total amount stolen added up to about $200,000.

"I just want my car back. I want my grandmother and grandfather's car back," he said.

The owners are discussing a reward for the safe return of the cars.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Longwood Police Department.