Family plans to file lawsuit alleging Disney caused grandmother's death


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ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Members of a family say their grandmother died after she witnessed her grandson being bitten by a snake at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The 8-year-old boy was visiting the park more than a year ago when the family says the green and brown snake fell from a tree and bit the boy on the legs. The boy was not seriously hurt. The family members said the grandmother began to have difficulty breathing and they left the park.

Orlando attorney Matt Morgan is representing the family who said they plan to file a lawsuit in the next couple of weeks. During a news conference on Friday, Morgan said the grandmother continued to have trouble breathing and was taken to the hospital. The grandmother died two days later.

The family told Morgan that Disney said the snake was nonvenomous.

“It is our position, that the event of the snake falling on this young boy and the grandmother witnessing, this event was the proximate cause of her death,” said Morgan.

We've reached out to Disney for comment and are waiting on a response.