Family tells WFTV how much Toys for Tots means to them



ORLANDO, Fla. - This year's Toys for Tots drive is nearing its end and the program is still in great need of donations.

WFTV's Jorge Estevez met one woman whose family is on the list for toys. She said she is grateful for the program.

The toys that have been collected through the Toys for Tots program will go from donation boxes to families like the Ducots of Poinciana.

"It is all about them, to try and make their life easier so they can keep that innocence for as long as they possibly can," said Colleen Ducot, talking about her children.

Ducot said her children's innocence is fading. Their father, a truck driver, went through health problems and Ducot said side effects from medications contributed to a traffic accident her husband had.

"He hurt no one, just the truck was damaged and due to that, he lost his job," said Ducot.

And a new job has not come in time for the holidays.

That is why Colleen signed up to receive gifts from Toys for Tots.

"It was devastating and it is still devastating. I still cannot believe this is what I have to resort to," said Ducot.

Ducot wanted to spread the word about Toys for Tots, and what the program means to her family. She agreed to speak about that at the WFTV Eyewitness  News Toys for Tots kickoff.

"This year for school clothes we had to sell what little jewelry we have," Ducot told the audience. "Now we have nothing to sell, so thankfully the Toys for Tots program is there to help put toys under the tree."

She told Estevez what it was like to tell her story before an audience.

"I always want to do for others, and for me to have to ask for something, it is heartbreaking and embarrassing," said Ducot.

But she said she did it to give her children a Christmas.

"We have time with our family and play with them," said Ducot's son, Sammy Ducot.

They said a visit from Santa means a lot to them.

"Usually he comes, and sometimes he gives us presents," said Skyler Ducot.

"I want to make sure my kids are happy and smiling like kids should be, like they should be," said Colleen Ducot.

Right now Ducot and her husband are in school to learn new trades. She is studying to be a medical technician and he is studying to become an air conditioning technician.

They said they are just trying to get by, and Toys for Tots can help bring a little hope to their family this holiday season. 

WFTV's second Santa Saturday event is this Saturday at the WFTV studios at 490 East South St. in downtown Orlando.

The event runs from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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