Father delivers healthy baby girl in Orange County Costco parking lot



ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - An Orange County father told Channel 9 on Wednesday he still can't believe he delivered his daughter in the parking lot of the Costco on University Boulevard.

Proud parents Chantill Ortiz and Rick Davis said their baby, Celeste Davis, came into the world in a hurry and they had little time to react.

"It's like surreal how it went down," said Ortiz.

The 8-pound 19-inch baby girl wasn't due for another week, but Ortiz said she realized labor was starting and that she and Davis couldn't make it to the hospital so they pulled over and took matters into their own hands.

"It was like, 'Something's coming. I feel something,'" said Ortiz.

"When she said something was coming out, I didn't think it would happen that fast," said Davis.

Davis said he and his fiancé were hurrying to the hospital about 4 a.m. but the baby just wouldn't wait so they turned into Costco to make the special delivery.

"(I) hopped out of the truck and by the time I got there, I saw the tip of her head coming out," said Davis.

Celeste is the couple's third child.

"(It) went so amazingly smooth, so cool," said Ortiz.

"I feel blessed to have that experience where I gave birth to my child with nobody there, just me and her. It was pretty cool," said Davis.

Costco told Channel 9 they've put together a welcome basket for baby Celeste and her parents.

The family hopes to leave the hospital on Thursday.