FBI investigating patient records breach at Florida Hospital


OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla.,None - An agent confirmed on Wednesday night that the FBI is investigating the patient records breach at Florida Hospital. Osceola County released new documents Wednesday that show the hospital suspected three employees were selling patient information at least six weeks ago.

The suspects are identified as husband and wife, 35-year-old Dale Munroe and 31-year-old Katrina Munroe, along with 30-year-old April Baker.

Osceola County said it was not able to make arrests because the hospital did not cooperate with the investigation, citing federal HPPA laws. That means the FBI will have to look further into the matter to see if federal charges will be filed against the three.

 “I hope they prosecute them to the fullest extent, because my identity has been stolen up the creek, basically,” said Berry Popejoy, a Florida Hospital patient.

Popejoy met with a Casselberry detective Wednesday, meaning now two local agencies have investigated stolen patient information that started at Florida Hospital's Celebration Health facility.

“I can't get any decent loans, I 'm getting credit cards in my name illegal credit cards, according to Casselberry Police,” Popejoy said.  

One patient told WFTV she got a sales call from a funeral home the day after her husband died. On Wednesday, an FBI spokesperson confirmed that, "The Orlando FBI office recently received information alleging that patient records may have been compromised and we are coordinating with Florida Hospital representatives to investigate the matter.”

  “I think it's a shame that they have employees that are literally scamming the system,” Popejoy said.

 Local police said if you think you are a victim in this case don't call the hospital, call your local police.