• FDA finds safety problems in Lake Mary compounding pharmacy


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - The Food and Drug Administration is taking a tough look at compounding pharmacies.

    One of them is in central Florida.

    Axium Healthcare in Lake Mary just decided to temporarily stop its compounding operations.

    It's one of 30 pharmacies where FDA inspectors found potential safety problems.

    The crackdown is in response to the recent deadly meningitis outbreak that was linked to contaminated drugs from a compounding pharmacy in Massachusetts.

    Axium Healthcare was not linked to that outbreak.

    Because of the recent inspection, Axium Healthcare said it will withdraw all of the products in question.

    The FDA has limited legal authority to take over compounding pharmacies like Axium, so it relies on state regulators to take action.

    State health department officials would not comment on what they may or may not be doing to investigate.

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