• Fight breaks out between moms as their young sons fight during soccer match


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Two Orange County mothers could face charges after a brawl on the soccer field.

    Investigators said two students got into a scuffle on the pitch Wednesday night, which is when their mothers jumped in.

    The brawl went down on the fields at Odyssey Middle School. According to a police report, Renee Hidalgo and another mother rushed the field when their boys started fighting during the game.

    Both moms claim they were just trying to break up the fight, but Hidalgo said the other woman started punching her son, so she went after her.

    "I run out there and so does some of the other parents to stop her," said Hidalgo. "And I pulled her off and pulling her off, she starts beating on me."

    Hidalgo said she was bloodied in the brawl and even lost a tooth, showing Channel 9 her injuries Thursday.

    "I couldn't believe in my years of playing sports and seeing kids play sports, I've never seen anything like it," said Hidalgo.

    Neither parent has been charged, but Hidalgo said she's outraged the other woman wasn't arrested.

    Police are forwarding the case to prosecutors recommending battery charges against Hidalgo's alleged attacker and disorderly conduct charges for both.

    The school district is placing school resource officer at all high-intensity athletic events.

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