• Investigators search for cause of fire that destroyed Orange County business


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - A fire ripped through an Orange County business Thursday morning.

    Firefighters worked to put out the flames that engulfed AAA Auto Parts Sales and Service on Space Boulevard.

    Fire officials said several cars and small sheds were also on fire.

    "It's almost like fighting a whole bunch of small independent fires. There's also some sheds and roofs that have been compromise," said John Mulhall of Orange County Fire Rescue.

    Officials said 40 firefighters were called out at first, but it took more than that.

    "Because this was an intense fire, it required a lot of firefighters. We brought in additional units behind those, swapping people out. They needed a chance to rest, drink some fluids, then go back in," said Mulhall.

    Owners of surrounding businesses were concerned about their properties and their employees.

    "We have men start coming in from 6 a.m. on and I was worried that maybe someone had gotten there before the fire started," said Charles Aylor with Aristicuts Lawn and Garden.
    Aylor said the owner of the business that was destroyed in the fire called him.
    "(He's a) hardworking guy, working all the time, does a beautiful job. He called me to let me know that my building was OK," Aylor said.
    Firefighters had the area closed off while they battled the blaze. There were no injuries reported.

    Authorities are investigating the cause of the fire.

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