• 5 accused of picking psychedelic mushrooms, stuffing small gator into pack


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - Five people were arrested for an unusual hunt in a Seminole County state forest.

    Wildlife agents said the group picked dozens of psychedelic mushrooms from the Little Big Econ State Forest.

    State agents said the suspects also helped themselves to a live 2-foot alligator that they stuffed in a backpack.

    Wildlife officers released the alligator and said it was going to be fine, but it was the "magical" mushrooms that put all five people behind bars.

    Seminole County resident Dawn Smith has noticed a lot of mushrooms in the forest, but she said she had no idea some people pick them to get high.

    "Really? I didn't know those were the type of mushrooms that would do that," Smith said.

    Florida Fish and Wildlife said three men and two others were arrested this week for picking the psilocybin mushrooms, which can be sold on the street for up to $200 an ounce.

    What's even more shocking is the wildlife officer who caught them said he found a 2-foot alligator stuffed in suspect Rick Myer's backpack.

    "It's not right, but it's not uncommon," Smith said.

    Clinical Director Lui Delgado of Quest said mixing shrooms with alligators could make for a dangerous situation.

    "Anytime you are in an altered state, some things can happen," Delgado said.

    The government puts the mushrooms in the same category as heroin and cocaine.

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