• Fla. House and Senate pass rival spending plans


    TALLAHASSE, Fla. - Florida legislators are going to spend the next few weeks working on a new state budget.
    The House and Senate on Thursday passed rival versions of a roughly $75 billion budget.
    The House voted 100-16 for a nearly $75.3 billion budget. The Senate voted 38-2 for a nearly $75 billion budget.
    State legislators have until early May to pass a final budget and send it to Gov. Rick Scott.
    There aren't huge differences but the two chambers are divided in some areas, such as spending for environmental programs and on college and school construction.
    Legislators have already agreed to set aside $500 million for tax cuts this year.
    Democrats who voted against the budget complained it doesn't do enough to help all Floridians especially since it does not expand Medicaid.

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