• Flagler deputies, fire officials rescue raccoon caught in peanut butter jar


    FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. - Flagler County deputies rescued a hungry raccoon that got its head stuck inside an empty peanut butter container.

    On Wednesday, deputies received a call about a raccoon in distress in Wadsworth Park in Flagler Beach.

    Deputies, along with fire rescue, spotted the furry critter high up in a tree with a plastic peanut butter container stuck on its head.

    They said when they tried to catch the animal it scurried across a tree branch and leaped to another tree, making the capture difficult.

    Fire rescue eventually had to use their hose to spray the raccoon with water as deputies held a tarp on the ground below. The raccoon fell safely from the tree onto the tarp, but evaded capture by running from the rescuers.

    Eventually they caught up with the raccoon, removed the container from its head and released it back into the wild.

    Officers nicknamed the raccoon “Jiffy.”

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