• Florida receiver Debose not charged in shooting


    GAINESVILLE, Fla. - University of Florida receiver Andre Debose has not been charged for his involvement in a shooting outside of a friend's house. The resident, John Honeycutt, 23, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.
    Debose, 23, Victor Watkins, 24, and Kristan Lipham were having dinner at Honeycutt's house Saturday when Watkins and Debose began shoving each other. Debose was pushed into a window which broke. Honeycutt became upset and asked them to leave, according to Lieutenant Jeff Blundell.

    Honeycutt then pointed a gun at Watkins outside. Watkins took the gun and a round was fired into the ground. Debose then took the gun and another shot was fired.

    Honeycutt retrieved a rifle and then shot into Watkins' SUV as the two tried to leave.

    Neither Debose nor Watkins was charged.

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