Former baseball coach arrested, accused of stealing from little league funds



VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - A former Volusia County baseball coach was arrested after being accused of stealing thousands of dollars from the little league he was running.

Detectives said George Anthon was president of the Deltona Little League before he was caught using the baseball funds for himself.

Authorities said Anthon's spending went on for months and totaled close to $8,000.

"It's all about the children. That's what we're all down here for. That's what we volunteer all of our time for is for the children," said Frank Furse, a parent and Little League board member.

When other board members caught Anthon using the league's debit card and stealing, they said they simply couldn't believe it.

WFTV first reported about the investigation in April after the league did its own digging and noticed the missing funds.

Anthon stepped down, but wasn't arrested until last week after detectives said they were able to piece it all together.

Authorities said none of the money he stole was spent on the field, where parents said it's desperately needed.

They said they've been saving for new equipment and to fix up the fields. Instead authorities said Anthon spent it at a ski resort in North Carolina and even racked up $900 in overdraft fees.

Some of the money police said he spent they can't even account for.

The former president told investigators he was just borrowing the money to cover a gambling problem, and that he'd pay it back. Authorities called that grand theft.