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Video/Blog Archive: George Zimmerman Trial


WFTV's video archive contains all raw video from the court and news conferences, while the blog rehashes daily chats that saw hundreds of thousands of viewers interacting with Channel 9 and each other!

Day 1: Jury Selection

Day 2: Jury Selection

Day 3: Jury Selection

Day 4: Jury Selection

Day 5: Jury Selection

Day 6: Jury Selection

Day 7: Jury Selection

Day 8: Jury Selection

Day 9: Jury Selection

June 21st Hearing

Day 10: Opening Statements

Day 11: Testimony

Day 12: Testimony

Day 13: Testimony

Day 14: Testimony

Day 15: Testimony

Day 16: Testimony

Day 17: Testimony

Day 18: Testimony

Day 19: Testimony

Day 20: Testimony

Day 21: Testimony

Day 22: Jury Instruction/Closing Arguments

Day 23: Defense Closing Arguments/Prosecution Rebuttal

Day 24: Jury acquits George Zimmerman