• No charges for trooper who fired into home DUI suspect ran into


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - A grand jury has decided a state trooper will not face charges for shooting into an East Orange County home where a DUI suspect was hiding in November.

    The shooting unfolded at David Bachelor's parent's home on Lake Pickett Road as he ran from troopers.

    Bachelor's mother, Barbara Bachelor, testified in front of the grand jury, saying she could have been killed in the incident.

    David Bachelor has already been sentenced in the case, but his family believes Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Joshua Evans should be behind bars as well.

    The high-speed chase was captured on the trooper's dashcam. Once the suspect was inside the home, Evans fired.

    "Seven shots through the front door with no warning.  Didn't say a word," David Bachelor testified.

    "It could have hit me," said Barbara Bachelor. "If the gun was angled a different way when he shot through the door, it would have hit me.  And my son is lucky he's not dead. You don't try to kill somebody over DUI."

    The grand jury has not yet announced its decision.

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