• Grayson headed back to Congress; Long loses


    WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Former Congressman and outspoken liberal Alan Grayson is headed back to Congress from central Florida.
    With 70 percent of District 9 precincts reporting, Grayson had 62 percent of the vote, defeating his Republican challenger, conservative radio host Todd Long.
    Grayson was a freshman representative when he was soundly defeated two years ago. He's eyed a return ever since and amassed a huge fundraising advantage against Long, more than 44-1.
    Grayson was known as one of the most vocal partisans on Capitol Hill, perhaps best known for saying Republicans' health care plan amounted to hoping people "die quickly."

    Statement from Fla. Dems Chair, Rod Smith:

    “On behalf of Florida Democrats, we congratulate Congressman-elect Alan Grayson on his victory tonight.

    Alan Grayson has been a passionate advocate for Democrats, progressive causes and middle class families -- and the ‘Congressman with Guts’ is back where he belongs.

    The residents of central Florida will have a true voice fighting for them, and a champion in the United States Congress.”

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