• Gun sales soar for Osceola gun shop following Conn. shootings


    OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. - The shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut have a lot of people thinking and talking about guns.   

    WFTV's Myrt Price learned that sales at one Osceola County gun shop have soared since Friday.

    Customers offered a variety of reasons why they are in the market to buy a gun right now and they're making gun purchases in record numbers.

    "Noon on Friday people started coming in and buying extra ammo and magazines," said Robbie Motes, one of the owners of L & R Armory in Kissimmee.

    Since then, according to Motes, people have continued to pour into his business.

    "Yesterday was double the busiest day we've ever had," said Motes.

    Motes said the store is so busy that he has brought in more staff to handle all the customers.

    "We've had all employees on from open to close, every day since Friday," said Motes.

    Some of those coming into the shop on Tuesday said they came to get a gun because they fear guns may be harder to buy in the future. Others said they fear for their safety and want to get a gun for protection.

    "They just want to buy them while they can," said Mote.

    "I'm a single mom, with three daughters, so I feel like I need to protect myself and protect my children," said customer Maria Chillers.

    Motes said that following other mass shootings across the country he has seen slight increases in business, but nothing like what he is now seeing.

    "The fact there are kids involved in this one, and the gruesome nature of it, and how disgusting the person was who committed this crime, we've seen a much larger spike," said Motes. "I think that tragedy touched people much more than any other tragedy in the history of America."

    Chillers said she believes she needs to buy a gun because now she's convinced that something like the Connecticut school shootings can happen anywhere.

    "Now is the time to get it for me, and to teach my girls how to shoot," said Chillers

    Motes said he fears federal restrictions are coming, and if that happens he said it will hurt his business.

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