• Heath Department wraps up Shigella outbreak investigation at elementary school


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - The Health Department has wrapped up its investigation into a shigella outbreak at Lake Orienta Elementary School in Seminole County, where more than 30 people got sick.


    Even though the district took extra steps to clean the building, people were still getting sick.


    The Health Department said people reported symptoms over a one-month period. Officials said shigella is very contagious.


    “That's kind of scary that it's happening in this school and I had no idea,” said parent Brittany Smith.


    A new report from the Health Department said 31 people became ill with the stomach bug, including 24 students, with the last symptoms appearing Nov. 26.


    Parents said they were relieved to learn the outbreak was over.


    “I'm very grateful. I have an infant, too. She's 11 months, so that would've been pretty bad for her as well,” Smith said.


    The staff wiped down hard surfaces, deep cleaned restrooms and used a spray disinfectant.


    The recent outbreak marked the second shigella outbreak in Seminole County this year. The other happened at a day care.


    “I tell my son to sanitize, sanitize, constantly wash your hands and use anti-bacterial spray. Sanitize. That's my key,” parent Amy Allen said.


    The district educated students about washing their hands, but said another effective measure is to keep sick children at home.

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