• Heathrow residents gather to see mother bear, cubs in tree


    HEATHROW, Fla. - A mother bear and her two cubs created a stir in a Heathrow neighborhood after they were found napping in a tree along Aberdovey Point.

    "It's a little intimidating," said resident Erin Keating. "It's a little freaky to see them that close."

    The three bears spent the morning and afternoon getting comfortable, mostly napping, and it seemed they were in no hurry to go anywhere when Channel 9 arrived.

    Florida Wildlife Commission officials said the onlookers will only scare the bears and keep them in the tree longer.

    Living so close to the Wekiwa, residents said they see bears a lot, but they said it's not something they'll get used to anytime soon.

    FWC said they don't consider mother bears with cubs any more likely to injure someone than other bears.

    They also said they had no plans to remove the bears from the neighborhood and are hoping they'll leave on their own.

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