• High demand for flu shots creates shortage in central Florida


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - Those wanting a flu show could have a hard time getting one because several pharmacies across central Florida have run out.
    Pharmacists have reported a huge spike in demand for the shot over the past few days. 
    Jessica Holman, of Altamonte Springs, said she hasn't had any luck finding the vaccine.
    "Nowhere around here has it. That's pretty shocking," said Holman.
    She said she has been to several pharmacies since Friday but all of them have been out of the flu vaccine.
    "They should be more concern and have more production out there for everybody," said Holman.
    Linda Oliveras, of Seminole County, said she was lucky and was able to get a shot.
    "I have breathing problems, so I definitely needed it," said Oliveras.
    Five people, including a new mother and a young child, have died from flu complications in central Florida over the past couple of weeks.
    Officials said they don't expect the vaccine shortage to last. An emergency order for CVS pharmacies is expected to arrive within a few days.

     Experts said the virus doesn't reach its peak until February.

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