High winds keeping people out of the water along Daytona Beach



DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - It's was windy along the Volusia County coast Wednesday that beach patrol officers are telling people to stay out of the water.
In a rare sight, double red flags were flying along Daytona Beach Wednesday. That means no one is allowed in the water.

There weren't many people on the beaches in Volusia County Wednesday, but those who did show up wore sweaters and dealt with a face full of sand.

"A lot of wind, the sand is blowing around and there's no sun, so you can probably get a good wind burn, instead of a sun burn," said visitor David Holmes.

Wind gusts of 40 mph caused some minor damage in the area. A few signs were knocked down and there were some power outages reported.

A street light crashed down on a sidewalk along Rridgewood Avenue just south of Mason Avenue.

There was also a higher than normal tide on the beach. Beach safety officials said the surf Wednesday was about 8-10 feet.

To the south, in Brevard County, the strong winds caused some boats to break free from their docks on Indian Beach.

Some of those boats were sent crashing against the rocks.