Holly Hill to fine veterans group for displaying American, military flags



VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - The city of Holly Hill issued a local veterans group a warning for displaying military flags in front of its headquarters Thursday afternoon.

A new ordinance is going into effect that requires a $25 permit per flag and $1 per flag each day it's displayed.

Despite the requirements and the warning, the leader of Bikers for First Amendment Rights, Eddie Colosimo, said the flags are not coming down.

"There are men and women out there, fighting for them all over this world, and I want people to remember that and recognize it," Colosimo said.

Colosimo said he is passionate about helping veterans and pays his respect with seven flags he flies outside of his veteran's non-profit group.

He said the city of Holly Hill just told him he had to start paying a fee for his flags or take them down.

"I will not be told that I cannot display the American flag, the POW flag or the flags of our branches of service. I just won't, I won't stand for that," Colosimo said.

Colosimo, known locally as "Crazy Eddie," said he is not going to pay and he's fighting back.

He said he plans to defy the city's ordinance by putting his flags up every day and he said he'll do that until the city makes changes to the ordinance.

"I have a right to express my gratitude towards our military service, our men and women who are fighting and dying for us," Colosimo said.

Volusia County chairman Jason Davis, who is also a veteran, is supporting Colosimo. He said the ordinance needs to be amended.

"We make a blanket ordinance and it takes someone to stand up and say, 'Hey wait, that's great; but wait a minute you're forgetting about us,'" Davis said.

Until the changes are made, Colosimo and his organization will be fined daily.