Home surveillance video catches thieves breaking into car



ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - A home surveillance system caught at least two thieves in the act as they broke into a vehicle and stole electronics at an Orange County home.

Cameras were rolling at a house along Touraine Avenue in the Conway area. It's become a problem in the area, with dozens of car and home burglaries reported in the last few months.

Robert Dussault and Ellie Fine were asleep Thursday morning when around 3:15 a.m. a man appeared on their home surveillance system, peering in an SUV.

The thief ransacked an unlocked vehicle in a carport and took around $400 worth of electronics, including a radar detector and a GPS.

It's believed the thief's partner was on a bicycle in the street keeping an eye out.

"I feel violated. It's not the stuff, it's the violation," said Dussault.

"It's creepy this happened," said Fine.

. WFTV checked with the Orange County Sheriff's Office and there have been 31 home burglaries and at least 16 car burglaries reported in the Conway area since late June.

In this case, the burglar seemed like he knew what he was doing and came prepared because the video shows him wearing a backpack.

"It's shocking to see how casual this guy is," said Dussault.

The homeowners have four cameras on their property and the thieves had no idea they were being watched.

"The cameras give us so much peace of mind," said Fine.

"If they knew they were on cameras on houses there would be so much less crime," said Dussault.