Homeless man says he traveled U.S. for years on others' money



ORLANDO, Fla. - A jobless, homeless man said he traveled the United States and stayed in some of the best  hotels for two decades and he did it all with other people's money.

"I can't believe he traveled around for that long and nobody caught him," said Orlando resident Julie Delph.

Jeffrey Hawkins' catch-me-if-you-can story ended at the Disney's Coronado Springs Resort.

Deputies were called to kick Hawkins out of his room because he had been previously trespassed at the resort.

. That's where, investigators said, Hawkins gave a sudden confession to years of crime, saying he was sick of running.

"They do it for long periods of time they know eventually they're going to get caught," said Orlando resident Michael Lampert.

Investigators said Hawkins confessed to his travels around the nation, which included staying at different Disney resorts 26 times.

When investigators opened Hawkins' bag they said they found stolen credit card numbers, receipts from other hotels, business cards from where he traveled, room keys, and three phones.

"Obviously he's a pretty smart  guy. He should have found something legal to do," said Lampert.

According to investigators, Hawkins said he got the credit card information simply by memorizing the numbers after seeing or hearing them during his travels.

The 20-year trip around the nation leaves some a little jealous, but not when the end result is jail.

"I plan on doing that one day, but probably not that way, not that way. The right way," said Delph.

Hawkins, whose last home address is listed as Baton Rouge, has been traced to several hotels up and down the Florida coast and has warrants in Virginia as well.

Disney claims his fraudulent stays cost the resort $18,000.