• Homeowner's pool pops out of ground; Insurance won't cover


    TAMPA, Fla. - A Tampa couple are facing tens of thousands of dollars in costly repairs because their pool popped out of the ground.

    Initially, Jessica Pedraza and her husband called 911, thinking there was a sinkhole.

    However, they soon found out that because they had drained the pool, the water underneath was forcing it and the patio out of the ground.

    Pedraza thought her insurance company would cover the damage, but she was wrong.

    "The insurance is not wanting to cover it by any means," she said. "You pay for an insurance policy assuming that you have coverage and the coverage isn't actually there when you go to file the claim."

    The insurance company told the Pedrazas there's an exclusion section in their policy which mentions no coverage for "water below the surface of the ground which exerts pressure on swimming pool or other structures."

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