How young is too young to teach your child to swim?



One mother said infant swim lessons saved the life of her 1-year-old daughter.

Finley Smith, 1, barely knows how to walk, but can float better than many adults in the pool.

The skill saved her life last month.

"The doors were closed, I left her with someone just for a few minutes and under five minutes that door was open and she was in the pool," Longwood resident Anne Smith said.

Finley had just wrapped up water survival training, a trend quickly growing in Florida, where more children under the age of 4 drown than any other state.

It's the same kind of training seen in a YouTube video that's gone viral.

Harvey Barnett of Infant Rescue Swimming developed the basic survival methods decades ago.
He said it's all about muscle memory: 10 minutes of training nearly every day over several weeks.

"Babies are experts at this kind of learning. They practice it every day," Barnett said.

The American Academy of Pediatrics is diving into the trend as well, revising its policy, which now says swim lessons for the very young can save lives.

Smith now knows that first-hand.

"If she did not have that training, I'd be planning a funeral," Smith said.