• Hurricane-damaged post office to be torn down in Sanford


    SANFORD, Fla. - Sanford will demolish the old post office at the corner of Palmetto and Seminole Boulevard.

    The building was damaged in the 2004 hurricanes and sits across the street from the city's prized Riverwalk.

    The "for sale" signs around the building haven't enticed anyone to fix the property, partly because of what's inside, officials said.

    Inside the building is mold, moss and puddles, broken light fixtures and duct work and a number of weeds growing from the floor.

    "We make such an effort to make everyone else keep their properties in pristine shape but yet here sits one of our assets that looks like this," said Mayor Jeff Triplett.

     Now the city is spending upwards of $80,000 to tear down the building, which is contaminated with asbestos.

    "We hope to recoup that money with a private investor when they come in and get it," said Triplett.

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