Infamous bear strikes Seminole County neighborhood again


LONGWOOD, Fla. - A huge black bear broke into a Seminole County home, early Saturday morning.

However, homeowners said this was the third time the bear has visited their Longwood home.

"Third time Mr. Black Bear has visited me and he's created much havoc at my house," said the homeowner, Sandra Sheppard.

Sheppard told WFTV, during the previous incident, the bear most likely got into their garage because it left open. They then recorded the 400-pound bear as it devoured frozen meats from a refridgerator.

But this time, Sheppard said the bear came with different intentions.

"He came back last night, and smashed through my screen lanai and drank all the beer," said Sheppard. "My husband's beer is in the little beer fridge."

It's believed that the same bear has roamed around this Longwood neighborhood for weeks.

Neighbors think the bear has easy access to their homes because it uses a path that's cleared for powerlines. 

Residents in the area contacted the Florida Wildlife Commission about the bear. Now, the frustrated homeowners simply want the bear to go away.

"He's not just passing through," said Sheppard, "he's hanging out and he knows where the good life is."