Investigators: Crime syndicate trades drugs for theme park tickets



CENTRAL FLORIDA - Drug agents in Orange County said they are working to put a stop to an alleged criminal organization that has its hands in everything from drugs to theme park tickets.

Agents said the organized crime syndicate operated in Orange, Osceola and Polk counties.

The group is suspected of trading drugs for theme park tickets.

In one transaction, agents said they handed over 20 Disney World passes, and one of the suspects gave an undercover agent an ounce of cocaine.

Investigators said Guillermo Lopez received shipments of cocaine from Puerto Rico at a home in Davenport.

He and Alexander Ortega-Rivera were allegedly involved in trafficking cocaine and heroin, and at the same time running a fraudulent theme park ticket operation.

Agents said the operation involved bringing people into local theme parks, collecting their tickets, and reusing the tickets for several different guests who were looking to get a better deal on tickets.