Investigators: Man arrested, tried to kill officers with fireworks


Khasim Stephenson is accused of trying to kill several Orlando police officers with fireworks.

ORLANDO, Fla. - A man is accused of trying to kill several Orlando police officers with fireworks.  Investigators said he shot the explosives toward the officers on the Fourth of July.

Khasim Stephenson refused to answer any questions when he bonded out of jail Friday evening before jetting into a waiting Mercedes Benz and then sped off.

Stephenson was arrested on four counts of attempted second degree murder.

“Shocked actually, figure people would have more sense than that,” said resident Eric Allen.

It was 2:30 Thursday morning, hours after fireworks lit up the sky in Downtown Orlando when cops said Stephenson was part of a group of people putting on their own firework show in a parking lot off Pine Street.

According to arrest Documents, Orlando police heard “loud explosives” and detained one person who they said shot fireworks in their direction.

While police waited for back up, cops said Stephenson started shooting fireworks at them from a van parked on the other side of the street. In the report officers wrote, “The green fireballs were being fired in our direction.  All of us felt as if we were being fired upon.”

“You don’t shoot at law enforcement, you know.  What do you think is going to happen?” said Allen.

Stephenson was arrested after witnesses pointed to him as the one shooting the fireworks at the officers.

WFTV searched through Stephenson’s legal history and found several arrests including one in 2006 for resisting a police officer with violence.

Stephenson was on house arrest Friday night after posting $16,000 bond.