Investigators say group replaced contents of fruit, vegetable cans with cocaine



ORLANDO, Fla. - Cans of fruit and vegetables were the main ingredients to an elaborate cocaine-smuggling operation going on just outside of downtown Orlando.
Six people were arrested, including a grandmother, father and son.
They are charged with using the cans to pack and ship drugs all over central Florida and to other states.
Neighbors of the group on Kaley Avenue told Channel 9's Renee Stoll that there was lots of activity at the house, but none that seemed suspicious.
According to neighbors the family was outgoing and friendly.
According to Orange County investigators a grandmother, her son and four others were running an elaborate cocaine-smuggling operation.
Investigators said Erickson Leandry was the wholesaler of the cocaine, flying to Puerto Rico to pick up the product.
According to police reports, the group was buying large cans of fruit cocktail and tomatoes, emptying the contents and then filling the cans with hundreds of grams of vacuum-sealed bags of cocaine.
The report said the group had a devise to reseal the cans.
According to investigators pounds of cocaine were packaged and shipped around the central Florida area and even as far out of state as Massachusetts.
Agents reportedly watched several homes as they investigated the group, including the home where of Roberto Rios and his son Roberto Rios, Jr. Both of the men were arrested.
Investigators said the arrest came after months of surveillance at the airport and even wiretaps.

According to investigators, thousands of grams of cocaine were seized as well as nearly $100,000 in cash.