• Investigators say Pine Hills home housed women forced into prostitution


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Investigators said a major human trafficking ring was just brought down in Orlando.
    Investigators say three victims were rescued and six people are now facing trafficking and conspiracy charges.
    Channel 9 has reported on Rosny Jeanbaptiste, who is accused of trafficking women and violently beating them when they tried to escape.
    Now Channel 9 has learned two more men have been arrested, accused of the same thing in a ring that stretched from Fort Lauderdale to Miami and Tampa to Orange County.
    Investigators said that women being forced into prostitution against their will were held in a Pine Hills home between hotel stays and clients.
    "I was wondering when they were going to do something. I didn't know what all those girls were for," said John Gross,  who lives in the neighborhood.
    Neighbors said they suspected what Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation agents confirmed: that a state-wide human trafficking operation that was run out of the home and Orlando hotels.
    Jeanbaptiste was first arrested last month. He has just had more charges added, along with his brother Marking and another man, Theron Luke.
    "There was about 30 police cars. Both sides of the streets were lined with police cars and there was a SWAT truck in their yard," said Gross.
    A woman rescued from an Extended Stay America hotel told investigators she was trafficked from Fort Lauderdale to Miami, then to Tampa and finally Orlando.
    She told investigators she was required to stay in the Pine Hills home with other women who were being sold online through Backpage and other escort websites.
    Channel 9 learned the woman was forced to work in at least five Orlando hotels, including a Red Roof Inn on West Colonial Drive, a hotel in the middle of a business park and in the middle of the area's tourist district along International Drive.
    New court records show one room inside the house was dubbed "the beating room," full of wire hangers- used to hit women who disobeyed their alleged pimps.

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