• Investigators still searching for clues to Orange County woman's death


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Orange County investigators were back out at the scene of the burned-out home of 83-year-old Elena Ortega on Friday.

    Investigators said Ortega was murdered on Wednesday, and then her Turnbull Drive home was set on fire to cover it up.

    They said they are looking for the driver of a red Dodge Neon, but they said they have not found the car or the driver, despite dozens of tips to Crimeline.

    Investigators have not said how Ortega died. They did say she suffered some type of physical trauma.

    She was found in her house after a neighbor saw smoke and called 911.   Paramedics pulled her out and tried to revive her.

    Investigators were talking with residents in the area on Friday, hoping to gain some information.

    "I heard she was a really nice lady and she always tried to help everybody out and I guess somebody wanted to take everything she had," said neighbor Jacob Maheux.

    Investigators said they are interested in talking to the driver of a late-model Dodge Neon, which they said was cruising around the neighborhood just hours after Ortega was found. 
    Some of Ortega's relatives were at her home Friday and were talking with detectives.

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