Jeff Ashton: Jose Baez lied during Casey Anthony trial



ORANGE COUNTY, Fla.,None - Former prosecutor Jeff Ashton says he believes defense attorney Jose Baez lied during the Casey Anthony murder trial.

While promoting his best-selling book, "Imperfect Justice," Ashton spoke candidly during an interview with HLN that aired Monday about the animosity George and Cindy Anthony felt toward the prosecution.

"There were times in the trial I wish I could have jumped up, taken George out back, slapped him around and said stop screwing around, just answer the questions," he said.

Ashton said at times Cindy would be cooperative and George would be elusive and then they would switch roles.

But it was Baez whom Ashton criticized the most, accusing him of trying to manipulate the jury every morning.

"It isn't proper to directly address the jury; in fact, we objected at the bench with the judge and asked the judge to stop him from doing it, and he wouldn't do it," said Ashton.

"If these people fell for something as stupid as who said good morning to them and that made a difference in their verdict, they should be ashamed of themselves," he said.

Ashton went on, describing Baez as smarmy.

"It's a superficial charm that to me doesn't ring true beneath the surface," said Ashton.  "I used a My Fair Lady quote in there, 'oozing charm from every pore/he oiled his way across the floor.'"

When asked if he thought Baez lied during the trial and what the biggest lie was, Ashton didn't hesitate.

He said it was that Caylee died by accident.

Prior to the trial Baez regularly claimed Caylee was missing, but that changed when the trial started.