• JetBlue pilot from Oviedo charged with heroin possession after flight to Boston


    BOSTON - A JetBlue pilot from Oviedo is one of six people who were arrested in Boston on Sunday as part of a drug investigation.

    Officers in the Boston area launched an investigation following complaints from residents about the drug problem in that area and said John Manwaring had heroin on him during his arrest.

    Manwaring, 42, told police he was a commercial airline pilot and said he arrived in the city a few hours before his arrest Sunday evening.

    He has been charged with heroin possession.

    JetBlue released a statement that said the pilot was "removed from duty last night."

    The statement went on to say that "JetBlue has a rigorous drug testing program that includes a zero-tolerance program."

    FAA officials said they're aware of the arrest but would not comment on any potential enforcement actions they might take.

    Five others, all from Massachusetts, were also arrested.

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