Job seekers claim Orlando company took their money



ORLANDO, Fla. - Desperate job seekers claim an Orlando company hired them for manager's jobs with good salaries but then drained their bank accounts instead.

The job seekers said they saw the ad, which was titled, “Managers Jobs,” and offered $600 a week, paid training and bonuses. They said the company is located in a downtown office.

Amber Meyers went for the interview with HSEC International. That night, she said she received a call telling her she got the job.

"I was in tears of happiness. You could hear it in my voice, I was thrilled,” Meyers said.

Meyers said on the first day, she had to pay a $199 fee to cover training materials for the company that sells security systems.

"I went and bought new clothes so I could look the part," she said.

But Meyers said she quickly learned the only way to make money was recruiting other people to pay for the training fee.

“Did you get a manager's job?" asked Action 9’s Todd Ulrich.

“No,” Meyers said.

“Weekly salary? Is there going to be a bonus?" asked Ulrich.

“No,” said Meyers.

According to Meyers and other applicants Action 9 talked to, the man behind the company is Jeremy Howard. 

Two years ago, Howard was in downtown Orlando running a company called Viteq, which advertised paid training jobs and $700 a week, Action 9 learned.
“Do these jobs really exist?" Ulrich asked.

“Yeah,” said Howard.

Ulrich confronted Howard about upfront job fees after some victims lost hundreds of dollars.

“Why are you taking their money?" asked Ulrich.

“Would you please leave," said Howard.

A few weeks later, that company disappeared.         

At the HSEC International address on Monday, a receptionist said managers had not been seen for days.

Online, Action 9 found job applicants from Tampa to Charlotte who claim Howard took their cash but never delivered jobs.

Now, back in Orlando, his company is creating more misery.

"For someone to go take that money from me, it's messed up and it's hurtful," said Meyers.

Howard has not returned Action 9’s calls. In the past, he's refused to give anyone refunds, said Ulrich.

Any time an employer needs your money first, be extremely cautious.