• Jose Baez sends letter to Zimmerman judge


    ORLANDO, Fla. -  Casey Anthony's attorney has sent a letter to the judge in George Zimmerman's case, saying a prosecutor made some mischaracterizations about him during a hearing last week.
    Jose Baez's letter to Circuit Judge Debra Nelson was made public Wednesday.
    Baez says offhand remarks prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda made during a hearing last week were incorrect. The prosecutor was asking for a gag order to limit public remarks attorneys in the Zimmerman case can make.
    Baez says he was never disciplined for making statements to the media. He says the only fine he received was for a discovery violation.
    A spokeswoman for the prosecutor's office didn't immediately return an email.
    Zimmerman is charged with fatally shooting 17-year-old Trayvon Martin last February.
    Anthony was acquitted of murdering her daughter last year.

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