• Juan Lynum, Regina Hill gear up for District 5 run-off election Tuesday


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Channel 9 spent Monday hitting the campaign trail with the candidates of Orlando's District 5 run-off election, Juan Lynum and Regina Hill.

    Lynum wants to take over the seat, which is currently held by his mother, Daisy Lynum, while Hill is also fighting to represent the Fifth District.

    In last month's election, Hill lost the general election by nearly 40 votes, which is why both candidates spent their days since going door to door, focusing on the same people who supported them last time to make sure they come back to vote on Tuesday.

    "Tell your friends that I am running and that they need to go down to the Jackson Center and need to vote," Hill told potential voters.

    She's spent more than a year trying to convince people that despite her criminal history, she is the best person to transform the troubled Parramore community.

    "I am someone who has come from this very community, who has had some struggles and as you can see there are many Regina Hills in this area," she said.

    Hill barely lost to Lynum during the general election, but Lynum feels he has a lock on his mom's seat in the run-off election.

    "We are going to win, because we have seen what the other campaign was able to do last time, and we are able to counteract it this time," he said.

    Juan Lynum said he's been focusing on the people who supported him last time, hoping to convince them to cast another ballot in his favor.

    But the lawyer has also been criticized for using his mother's influence as a city leader and for living with her while having his homestead in a different county, which is still under investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

    But Lynum is confident the results will clear him of any wrongdoing.

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    Juan Lynum, Regina Hill gear up for District 5 run-off election Tuesday

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