• Judge says attempt to arrest car theft suspect 3 years ago was more like 'execution'


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A federal judge ruled that an attempt to arrest a man suspected of car theft three years ago was more like an execution.

    When 10 Orange County deputies opened fire on Torey Breedlove in an Orange County apartment complex, they fired 137 rounds.

    The unarmed 27-year-old was killed and the SUV he was in was riddled with bullets.

    WFTV's legal analyst said for a judge to make that kind of comment is extraordinary and is a clear sign of just how strong the case is.

    The order stems from a lawsuit filed by Breedlove's family and found the Orange County deputies involved are not immune to litigation in the case.

    Deputies said Breedlove tried to run them over, but according to witnesses, when deputies followed and then surrounded the vehicle he was in, Breedlove immediately raised his hands in surrender, but the deputies opened fire without warning.

    In 2010, a grand jury found the deputies' use of force was justified, but Breedlove's family still filed a lawsuit claiming deputies used excessive force and violated Breedlove's civil rights.

    The Orange County Sheriff's Office wouldn't comment on the order Friday.

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