• Judge throws out citation for Deltona woman who was fined for Toys For Tots sign


    DELTONA, Fla. - Two Deltona business owners who were fined because of a Toys for Tots sign will not have to pay up.

    Late last year Jody Storozuk and Corey Marion were fined for having a sign that showed their pet grooming shop in Deltona was a drop-off location for toys.

    The case led city leaders to make changes and form a focus group to brainstorm the potential changes to the wording in ordinances concerning signs.

    The Toys for Tots sign that was in front of the shop is common, but the city said it violated a sign ordinance and gave Marion a $60 fine.

    A judge threw out the citation in court Thursday afternoon and mentioned the city needs to know its ordinances before officers write tickets.

    The incident sparked Storozuk’s decision to run for Deltona mayor.

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