K-9s help speed up security screening process at Orlando Int'l Airport



ORLANDO, Fla. - Travelers going through Orlando International Airport may now be cleared by explosive-sniffing dogs during the security screening process.

The K-9s have been at OIA since December and officials said they're already making an impact on how long it takes to go through security. During the holiday travel season, airport officials said the dogs helped keep security screening wait times under 15 minutes on average.

"K-9s are one of the most effective tools we have in finding explosives," Jerry Henderson with the Transportation Security Administration said.

There are two K-9 teams at OIA and at least one is stationed in the middle of the security checkpoint area, sniffing passengers who pass by. If the dogs hits on someone, that person is immediately taken out of line and given additional screenings.

"Making sure we get people through as quickly as we can, but still knowing without sacrificing security," Henderson said.

Passengers who were sniffed by the K-9 said they had no problems with the new security measure.

"I really think it's great that we can do something that gets us to go through quicker," traveler Beth Blanck said.