LA Fitness to buy 33 Lifestyle Family Fitness centers in Florida



ORLANDO, Fla. - Lifestyle Family Fitness employees across the central Florida are worried about losing their jobs after learning that LA Fitness is in the process of buying more than 30 locations.

“I am really upset about it, because it's a great gym,” said Lifestyle member Lesley Russo. “The instructors are wonderful. The classes are great, and they have a great day care for the kids."

California gym giant LA Fitness is set to buy 33 of the Lifestyle locations from Naples to Jacksonville. There are seven in the Orlando area, but which ones will be purchased is not known.

Both gyms have several plans, so we compared the standard gym memberships for one person to join.

Lifestyle Family Fitness:

  • $90 initiation fee
  • $25 per month


LA Fitness:

  • $100 initiation fee
  • $30 per month

Lifestyle employees weren’t allowed to talk to WFTV, but they said they're worried about losing their jobs. 

Neither company would say what's going to happen to the local gyms.

LA Fitness gyms are typically bigger, but it's still unclear if they will ditch Lifestyles’ smaller spaces.

Russo hopes they don't.

“Hopefully it will stay the same, even if it has a different name,” she said.

LA Fitness has more than 500 gyms across the county, including more than 60 in Florida.