• Beachgoers see great weather, small waves for surf competition in Cocoa Beach


    COCOA BEACH, Fla. - After thousands of people crowded the beaches over the first two days of the Labor Day weekend, the crowd began thinning out at Cocoa Beach in Brevard County on Monday.

    The annual surf festival in Cocoa Beach attracted plenty of spectators -- something local businesses were hoping for to boost the local economy.

    "I'm a native Floridian. It doesn't get any better than this. I couldn't live anywhere else," said beachgoer Bridgett Godwin.

    The competition drew 500 surfers from all over. The waves were on the small side, but that didn't stop anyone from having a good time.

    "Great weather, smooth sailing. Lots of people are just down here to support a good time and have a good time and watch the surfing," said event coordinator Savanna Pitard.

    All proceeds go to the National Kidney Foundation.

    Lifeguards posted yellow flags on Monday, reminding swimmers and surfers to be cautious while in the water.

    "Today has not been a problem," said Capt. Derek Swor, of Brevard Ocean Rescue. "It's really calm out there today. We have some offshore winds, so some of the rafts have been blown a ways from the beach; some of the things we have to deal with."

    Officials reported a few minor jellyfish stings and not much else.

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