Lake County invites gun, ammo makers


LAKE COUNTY, Fla. - Lake County wants to become a hub for gun and ammunition makers.

Officials said gun makers that aren't feeling welcome in other states can relocate to the Christopher Ford Industrial Park on the Florida Turnpike and U.S. 27.

The county has reached out to about 60 weapons manufacturers around the country and responses are coming in.

Lake County leaders said gun makers can move into the empty warehouse space.

Hundreds of job hunters visited a job fair in Clermont on Thursday and even though Lake County's unemployment rate has fallen to 6.9 percent, times are still tough.

"I've been looking for a job for a while now, and I'm glad I was finally able to come to one of these -- to hopefully find one. But yes, it's still rough. I believe it's rough everywhere in Florida," said Caleb Brown, job hunter.

The idea was Lake County Commissioner Leslie Campione's idea, and the commission said five manufacturers have asked for more information.

"By far -- the majority -- if fact, the super majority, would be in favor of having that type of an employer," Campione said.

Campione said Lake is a "gun-friendly county" with political and public support.

"We know there are companies in other states that are not feeling very welcome anymore. So, in those cases maybe they would pick up and bring the whole company to Florida or Lake County," Campione said.

At the job fair, Brown said he doesn't think anyone who happens to be anti-gun would turn down a job if they really needed one.

"I don't think so. I think if they can have a job to support their family, they'd do it. I don't think they'd have a problem with it," Brown said.