Lake Co. teacher accused of slapping autistic students



FRUITLAND PARK, Fla. - A Lake County special needs teacher could soon lose her job after accusations that she slapped her students.

WFTV obtained a letter from the Lake County superintendent, which states that Jaclyn Ockerman was forcibly pulling the arms of her autistic students, squeezing their faces and is accused of slapping them.

"It’s pretty shocking," said local parent, Graham Pyles.

The Lake County School District said it plans to fire the Fruitland Park Elementary School teacher.

According to her termination letter, Ockerman tried to stop those in her classroom, including other staff, from coming forward.

Authorities said her teacher’s aides eventually told the school’s principal about her behavior.  

School officials said they notified the Department of Children and Families, which is also investigating the situation.

"Somebody like that has no business being a school teacher," said Pyles.

Records show that Ockerman will fight her termination. She has hired a lawyer, and requested a formal hearing to try to save her job.